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Wednesday, October 10th, 2007
8:53 pm
So I should do an update.

Not sure when I last posted, but am in Scotland, working as an Accountant at a bank. I'm quite happy there which is good. Scotland is great, getting cold though.

I am gutted that the All Blacks didn't win.

Just been on a holiday to Barcelona, Spain, and Italy. Fun times.

In a flat but can't stand one of my flatmates. Am indifferent to another and tolerate the other 2. I am going to move out as soon as my lease is up (2 more months). Hoping to get a place by myself instead cause I hate flatmates!

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Thursday, January 25th, 2007
11:40 am
Will write a bigger entry later, but just for now I have to say that last night we went to see the 'ping pong' girls. Haha, so hilarious. Glad I went, but I am so never going again, it is disturbing in the extreme!

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Saturday, January 11th, 2003
11:30 pm
i got an email from lou, she's one of the girls i flatted with last year, her and kylie were the nice ones. they want to know if i want to live with them again this year, and with a guy named james. i thought i wasn't interested in living with them, but that was because i'd always assume that we wouldn't. i hadn't even thought about the possibility of flatting with them again. i didn't have any real problems with them, and lou couldn't be easier to live with, and i haven't got anything else planned at all, i was just going to consider moving in with randoms, but then it would be kinda cool living with lou and kylie again, i get to look for a nice flat with them, i already know i can get along with them.. it would be much easier than finding other people, people that i might not get along with, and have to move into an already established flat. and megan was the only real problem in last years flat i won't be seeing her again. i think perhaps they just didn't have anyone else planned and decided it would be easier to ask me to come back than to find a random.

i remembered right at the end of sliding doors that i thought it was a stupid ending so i wasted all that time watching it again.

the samoan guy tried to ring again tonight, fortunately my phone is fucked and after charging all day it still turned itself off when it rang. not that i would've answered it anyway but i won't be lying when i tell him it's fucked, that is if he doesn't get the picture yet.

i got all my weekends completely mixed up!! i've got a big 21st coming up, and lou and her friend are coming down from tauranga for it and staying with me (that's when some flat hunting will be done) and even though i knew it was the 25th, I have been thinking all week that it's this long weekend coming up. and then i got all confused when i realised it wasn't and it mucks up everything. i was really looking forward to it, still am, but it was going to be like my motivation to get through this week.

work's been sucking. tard girl is a little bitch, i just don't have the patience. she's 23 but she has the mind of about a 7 year old, and not a smart 7 year old either. we had some trouble with some payslips going missing but it wasn't serious, they turned up, she'd just accidently stamped them and sent them to NZ Post. I think she still thinks it was me when i can tell you if definately wasn't. anyway, no big deal, it's been otherwise fine. so on friday she has a big fit, starts crying saying she doesn't want to do it next week, to ring up brandon (manager on leave) to come back from his holiday because she doesn't think she can do it. it's too much work for me to do bymyself (though i reckon i could do it) and noone else can do it. the annoying thing is IT'S NOT HARD, and we've been doing it all week fine. so i said i wouldn't ring him and ruin his holiday. but she wouldn't give up. she wanted me to get the woman from outsource to come in (people who pay us) but she doesn't know anything about the council system and wouldn't be any help at all. told her this wasn't a good idea because jo already has an appraisal coming up because brandon told her he wasn't happy with her work and if fiona has to come in she would just realise that jo really is useless and it wouldn't look good on her appraisal, and it also wouldn't be good fro brandon if fiona thinks he left us in charge and that we're not up to it, when we are. well i am.

anyway she got so incredibly whiney that i did ring brandon and put jo on, and she talked to him, he knows what she's like, told her he couldn't come back, and she seemed much happier when she got off the phone. so we'll have to see how monday turns out...

she can't use her initiative and get things done by herself, but i can't tell her what to do either, because i have worked a grand total of 7 mornings, and she's been doing it for almost a year. i need to take charge, but she's takes offense. when i got impatient with her i tried being bossy, and telling her exaclt what to do but that didn't work, so then i tried to act like she was in charge and get her to show me how to do things that i already knew how to do but that didn't work either becasue i think she felt that there was too much pressure and she couldn't handle it. so i tried just being in the middle, suggesting things instead of teling her, but also taking charge when she was out of her depth, this didn't work all that well either becasue she's a little shit and if i just suggest she does something then she won't do it. she's also a chronic liar and i never know when to believe her which makes it even still worse.

it's only one more week. i think i'll just do all the work quietly and let her do whatever she wants.

i don't have powerpoint. need to print some slides. and i don't have spellcheck for this entry. sorry about the lack of caapitals, can't be fucked going back and fixing them. i also tried to paragraph :)

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4:22 pm
i just threw out 3 and a hlaf pairs of shoes and i still have nine left! i wear them all though, they're for all the different occasions in my life!! i'm prepared for anything!

fuck it's hot!! i'm going to spend my entire weekend doing nothing, sitting in the sun, tidying my room, watching tv! nice!

i threw out all of my emergency underwear.

might go for a walk. need food.

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Sunday, April 14th, 2002
3:49 pm
I haven't updated much over the weekend, so I thought I'd better.

I love lettuce and tomato. (That's what's on my sandwich, it's good!)

I found this recipe for a chicken lasagne, well I found heaps actually but this one sounds the easiest. I find it hard thinking up meals when Kylie doesn't like tomatoes or pizza, and Louise doesn't like mince, or any other sort of red meat (apart from good steak and we can't afford that anyway). So that pretty much means lasagne and nachos (neither of them like chilli beans) are out. So I'm going to try chicken lasagne, it sounds very yum, and I make nachos for myself on the weekends, so I at least get my weekly dose.

I t was cool having Kyle here, but he went home on Friday. The zoo was soo much fun! It was an absolutely beautiful day and we spent almost all day walking round, we fed giraffes and saw a 4 day old baboon, too cute! We didn't do much else before he left.

I haven't done much over the weekend. Went out with Louise and Megan last night, I stayed sober but we had a really good night, danced for hours on end. There were lots of guys trying to hook in but none any of us were really interested in any of them. Because there were 3 of us we were pretty much left alone, all they did was watch but didn't try to join in. But at one stage Louise went to the toilet, and there was just me and Megan and it made a big difference, we had guys joining in on both sides, it's like our defenses were down, we couldn't block them out. Pity they weren't hot. I'm not one for scoring in town though, I've only done it a couple of times and it doesn't really appeal, it's good for the self esteem but that's about it. And I'm not the type of person to go up to a guy, I wait for them to come to me and they're mostly all the sleazy ones anyway.

Today I'm trying to catch up on all the study I haven't done over the last 2 weeks, back to school tomorrow, yuck! I have 4 tests and an essay all within about the next 2 or 3 weeks. And I have a lot of catching up to do.

Yesterday I played the Sims, haven't done that in a long time. Well, I got married (to Hot Guy, and became Teresa Guy), so I decided to try and have a baby, cause I've never managed to do that before, they are hard work! Well the first one was taken away by social services because I couldn't get out of bed quick enough. And so next time they rang I tried again, and yay! It wasn't taken away! And within about 3 days it turned into a little boy, he's a fast grower! Does he eventually get old?

We went out to Porirua yesterday to the shopping center looking for shower caddy's, would you believe we couldn't find any in Wellington city? Well we found some at Kmart and they are great, 4 girls, one shower, we have A LOT of stuff to fit in our shower, all our shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, razors, soaps, body wash, scrubs, the list goes on and on. And while we were there Kmart had one of those red light flashing sale things, and it was all Easter eggs 50% off already reduced price. I was so annoyed that I only took enough money for lunch, but I did get a real cheap mars Easter egg ($1.50) and cr�me eggs were only 25c!! So we bought 4 each for $1, which is like the deal of the century, I think we should've bought a whole box. But then we'd only eat a whole box so maybe it's a good thing that we didn't.

Whoa, big update today. Can you tell I'm procrastinating?

Better start studying again, I spose!

PS. I forgot what I was going to say.

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Thursday, April 11th, 2002
9:39 pm - wooohoooo!
my scrolly magically started working by itself again, i wish i knew how it did that...

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Wednesday, April 10th, 2002
10:24 pm
and we went to the zoo today, it was so cool, i'll post bout it later, friday i'll have to do a catch up

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10:20 pm - i'm going to share a photo.
this is kylie, louise (2/3 of my flatmates) and me at our first party, before i got completely fucked :)

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12:23 am
i was watching tv tonight, and flicking between school rules and the chair, neither of which i particularly like, but i happened to be watching school rules when the dad of one of the boys said he wanted his son to buy a car so he would ' look more attractive to the chicks, cos guys always attract more chicks with a car'. how materialistic is that? seriously, that is bullshit, and for a dad to be suggesting that? sure having a car might attract more chicks but are they the ones you would want your son to be with? i doubt it very much! and then he lent his son some money to buy a boy racer car.. i'm sure there are other less stupid ways of attracting chicks. and if a girl is gonna like you it's not gonna be cause you have a cool car, or even a car at all! at least the normal girls won't care less. it just made me mad that this guys dad was teaching him things like that.

i spent 2 and a half hours tonight watching big brother. i'm never gonna get those hours back... the whole time i was going, i wanna know who the people are, but i don't want to stay here and watch them get introduced, it took so long! but there are some hot guys in the house, no doubt gretel had her say on who got in, and they are all too damn perfect!

had a pretty lax day with kyle today, slept til noon, went to see ice age, at first i didn't want to go, but then i saw the recommendation from steven gray from good morning, which i had just seen this morning, and i think he's funny, well funny to watch with mary anyway. and he reckoned it was good, so we went. and i did enjoy it, lots of kids though cos it's school holidays. it was very very sad though, then happy, then sad, and made me cry lots.

and we went to burger king for tea, and i had a big kids meal, it's cool, i get the burger i usually get anyway (double cheese one) and small chips, and small drink (free refills anyway) and a toy! it was a dragonball z hackey sack. i'm not really a fan of dragonbll z, or hackey, but it's a fun to play with ball for about 20 minutes. and it feels like they filled it with plastic bags instead of whatever it is hackey sacks are normally filled with. it amused me for long enough to get my moneys worth. oh yea, and the big kids meal was $5.45 when the medium combo is $5.75, so i feel like i saved money.

now i'd better get some sleep, otherwise i'll never get up tomorrow.

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Tuesday, April 9th, 2002
2:49 pm
i have my hair in a pony tail and i'm wearing glasses, does that make me ugly? according to not another teen movie, it does... :P kyles pick of course! i think i'll go make myself beautiful, and put contacts in. we;re going to see another movie, i'll update you later on what we've been doing.

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Sunday, April 7th, 2002
12:14 am - my night
well i didn't put too much effort into what i was wearing and i wore jeans, not very farmy but i don't think it really mattered.

i took 2 bottles of wine which is more than i can handle anyway so i should've known that there would be trouble.

the party was at the boys place where we usually go, it was one of their 21sts, it's only about a 5-10 minute walk. got there about 7ish started drinking straight away, they weren't too many people there, all the regulars i guess. kept drinking, kept drinking, kept drinking. it must've been about 10 or 11 when i finished both bottles and i was so out of it by then. they have a bar there which had free alcohol but they were getting low so someone made me a drink of a mixture of gin and barcardi with a little bit of coke. i drank it. this is where my memory ends. i vaguely remember crying at one point - i blame this on the gin - although i have no clue about why i was upset.

somehow around 1 or 2 in the morning i made my way home, i'm a bit worried actually cos i walked home bymyself, and i knwo it's not far but i was so drunk and it is not like me to walk anywhere by myself after dark.

so i wake up this morning feeling terrible! i got up to have a spew and that was about it. i'd had hardly anything to eat yesterday - another reason i got so drunk so quickly - ans so i had nothing to throw up except the water that i'd been trying to drink. so i stayed in bed all day and couldn't eat anything until 6pm. i got up and didn't even get changed, just put some jeans and a sweatshirt on and got some chinese.

i feel much better now. and i almost thought i'd gotten away with no drunken emails or lj posts until i found this lol, qe get a douwnpourdooe tfeh rood a fe ciupkgeutreifuterisuet in a comment in austincs's journal. not sure exactly what i was trying to say there.

so that was my night. i woke up this morning feeling sicker than i have in years. and for some reason i now have an intense dislike of a guy named phil. i think he made me cry.

i am feeling much better now though, i really needed something to eat. and kyle is coming tomorrow, i won't have to be all by myself anymore. he's coming down on the bus, it takes like 9 hours or something, he's gonna be so bored.

anyway i think i need some sleep or i might die.

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Saturday, April 6th, 2002
3:27 pm
i feel so sick...

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Friday, April 5th, 2002
3:20 pm
going to a farm party tonight, i almost thought i wasn't gonna get invited, that kylie didn't want me to come, because they are 'her' friends. but she's being nice today, and i did want to go. not sure what i'm going to wear.. jeans and a check shirt? i only have a white shirt. hmmmm.

well, better go get some alcohol.

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Thursday, April 4th, 2002
6:51 pm

"Bondage is my thing. Bow to me, bitch."

What's Your Fetish? Take the test at Nollykin's World

i really don';t understand how i managed to get this in this test... same as mipol, maybe it's their only one?

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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2002
1:00 pm
my friends page isn't working, but it seems to be a lj problem. i got a package from my mum today, ooh exciting! it has chocolate and pjs and toiletries and all the stuff i love! thanks mum!

my borther kyle is coming down on sunday so tha's exciting too, not sure what we're gonna do but he says he's never really done anything in wellington, so there's parliament and te papa and all that boring stuff that's pretty much mandatory at least once in your life, and the zoo, cos he's never been to a zoo that he can remember, and there's movies and waterfront activities and the ferry and it just depnds on when the money runs our really. it'll be nice to have someone else, it gets a bit scary at night, especially with this wind, everything rattles and the whole house shakes in this wind. thankfully it's died off today.

and my scroly button has stopped working again!! GRRRRRR! you never realise how much you use it until it breaks :( spose i'll have to wait for it to fix itself again...

here are dishes to be done.. i keep putting them off..

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12:37 pm
my scrolly is broken!!!!!!

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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002
5:13 pm
i got a new user pic too, this is for when i'm being old and wise.

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Monday, April 1st, 2002
11:16 pm
omigod, it is so cold tonight!! well all day, what is this? do they think it's winter already?

THIS IS NOT FUN!! i want summer to come back!

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Sunday, March 31st, 2002
10:49 pm
i have good news!! my little bro is comign down from tauranga to spend a week with me next week!! well he's not so little, he's bigger than me and he's 16. so i won't be all alone, but now i have to think of things to do with him, how do you entertain a 16 year old?

i watched the movies tonight, first 101 dalmations, i cried when the puppies got stolen! :( then i watched michael and cried when the dog dies, i am such a sook. having no ads was kinda cool but the novelty wore off when i needed to do stuff, like go to the toilet, or put my pyjamas on, or get a drink, i always missed a little bit of the movie. they were both pretty cool, i liked 101 dalmations but it's not based too closely on the book is it? it;s been a while since i read it but i'm sure everything happened differently..

there is not one single person online on my icq list, not even anyone away or anything, maybe they're all just invisible like me.

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5:18 pm
well my easter sunday was spent doing absolutely nothing! though i did manage to get into the spirit and eat some chocolate, i didn't have any of my own so i had to steal my flatmates from the fridge, i'll replace it later...

my new favourite songs (the ones it's taken me ALL DAY to download, well almost, damn i miss our fast internet):

blurry - puddle of mudd (i loved control too, i should buy the cd)
gotta get through this - daniel beddingford
hands clean - alanis morrisette (yep i was surprised too)
last dance with maryjane - tom petty (i'm a bit late with this one)
and got what you need - eve is still one of my favourites though i really should get sick of it soon i've listened to it enoguh times

and two of our official flat anthems are:
murder on the dancefloor - sophie ellis bextor
do you really like it? - dj pied piper & the masters of ceremonies (we're lovin it lovin it lovin it)

they're the ones we play when we are all drinkign and getting ready. i miss my flatmates :(

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